💥REVIEW💥 Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation + Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzer

Hi guys 💕 This week’s review (as you probably guessed from the title😏) is all about the latest UD foundation as well as the Chanel cream bronzer!

I picked these up online  in one of my latest makeup binges from Debenhams while they had a 10% off offer on beauty. Who can pass up a discount? Clearly not me..seriously though, I need help! I’ll include pricing & whatnot later…but first things first, let get into this review!

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

Can we all take a moment for that packaging though! UD always come through with gorgeous packaging across their collection! So, as someone who’s always on the hunt for the latest & greatest foundations, I couldn’t wait to try this after hearing about its full coverage & long lasting qualities.

I’m the full coverage type.. the more cover the better so needless to say I’ve tried my fair share of foundations that claim to be “full coverage” but have fallen  short in my eyes. My holy grail is Estee Lauder Double Wear but from the 1st time I tried this, I knew I found another favourite. It covers everything.. blemishes & scars disappear & yet somehow it manages to not look cakey! A little really does go a long way with this & its blends flawlessly. I really can’t say enough good things about this product!

I have combination skin & this definitely gives a matte finish so if your very dry skinned, your may need a hydrating primer underneath to help with that. All in all, if you like a perfected base, you’ve found your answer! You can buy it from Debenhams online here for €35.00

UD & CHANEL face

Soleil Tan De Chanel 
For me this was a “I reallyyyy don’t need this but I’m gonna treat myself anyway” type of purchase.Honestly, I blame Jaclyn Hill for making me believe I couldn’t live without this cream/gel bronzer. I buy anything she rates highly & this was no exception!


It’s a stunning product that adds warmth & radiance to the skin with a silky finish. I find it a lot easier to use compared to other cream contours I own & a lot faster to use on an everyday basis to simply warm up the face if my skins looking a little flat. A lot of people might be hesitant when they see the price tag but let’s be real, what else would you expect from a luxury brand like Chanel? You can buy it here from Debenhams for €39.00

I hope this helped you make up your mind if you were undecided about buying either of these products! Till next time, happy Saturday! Jennie x

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Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance Palette

This stunning palette has been doing the rounds all over social media since it launched a few months back & has fast become a staple palette in many makeup lovers collections. With its pink velvet casing, can you blame us for going crazy over this beauty?!

Anastasia Beverly Hills  (ABH) is a high end brand with, in my opinion, high end quality products. Unfortunatly this means your going to be forking out the cash to pick up one of these. But hey, price is irrelevant on “treat yourself Thursdays” right?

[Above: swatches in natural lighting]

It was sold out EVERYWHERE but I eventually got my hands on one when Cult Beauty had a restock a few weeks back! It cost £41 plus shipping to Ireland which  worked out as €54.99 total. It may sound like a lot, but after using it the very first time, I knew the quality matched the price point.

With 14 super pigmented shadows that blend so effortlessly, AND a duel ended brush, so many looks can be created with from colour scheme. I love reds & pinks so the were the shades that initially grabbed my attention.

In the photo above, I used ‘Buon Fresco‘ in the upper crease, with ‘Love Letter‘ & ‘Venetian Red‘ blended on the outer corner & lower crease. I went back in with a tiny touch of ‘Raw Sienna‘ to blow out the crease further & add some warmth back into the look. ‘Primavera‘ added a pop of gold sheen to the inner socket & finally I used ‘Tempera‘ to highlight  the inner corner & brow bone.

All in all I think this is such a versatile palette that you could use to create bold vibrant looks, but also has the everyday warm neutrals that most people use more regularly. I can’t recommend this enough so if you were unsure about taking the plunge & purchasing this, I’d say go for it!

Till next time lovies, Jennie x

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It’s Been A While…

Hi lovies

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything here, almost 5 months! What better day to get back into the swing of things than International Women’s Day! 

So I’m always super active on Instagram  (@jenniesdoow) but have seriously neglected this platform, as well as Facebook. It wasn’t intentional but I’m just a total insta addict & find myself preoccupied with that more than anything else online.. Hopefully that’s going to change & I’m feeling inspired to create more blog focused content again & have lots of ideas in the pipeline!

It was Oct ’16 since I’ve last posted & honestly, halloween feels like no time ago. Christmas passed by in a merry blur, St. Patrick’s day is almost here & before we know it, the scorching 16° Irish summer heat will be upon us🙈 Strawberry & Lime Koppaberg anyone?

Rambling aside, I’m glad to be feeling encouraged to write again & hope to be filling your timelines with lots of beauty babble soon! Till then, Jennie x

Halloween Makeup! Zombie/Burnt Skin Tutorial

My favourite time of year is upon us & I’m feeling so inspired by all the incredible Halloween makeup all over Instagram & YouTube right now! Special effects makeup has been a huge trend this last few years (although a “sexy nurse” or “sexy cat makeup” never seems to go out of style hah!) SFX is more accessible than ever with so many online tutorials showing us easy ways to create very effective gore makeup! Even of your a total SFX novice, I think you’ll be able to recreate this zombie/rotting skin look I’m about to show you!




This may seem like a difficult look to achieve but trust me, its much easier than it looks! Plus, you only need very minimal & easy to find tools.


Pic includes:
Liquid latex
Fake blood
Black gel liner
Fine liner brush
I forgot to include tissue paper which I also used!
(for the rest of the face you can use whatever makeup you like to get that soft glam look)

So lets jump into exactly how I created this half-faced core makeup!

~ I started by applying my typical base, eye shadow, brows & contour as normal.
~ Next, using white eyeliner I mapped out the area I wanted the scabby ‘skin’ to be.
~ I then applied a thin layer of liquid latex with a sponge, followed by a layer of tissue paper (I recommend to work in sections as the latex dries fast!) Keep the edges of the tissue rough so there’s no straight edges.
~ I applied another thin layer of latex on top of the tissue to seal it down.
~ While the latex was still tacky, I pressed in some of my usual foundation to tint the white tissue to a skin tone colour & set with a translucent powder.
~ Once its completely dried, it’s time for the fun part! Begin tearing holes in random spots of your new ‘skin’ to creating the rotting, decaying effect.
~ After that its all about the details! I used a combination of red, purple & black eye shadows to add colour to the skin, focusing black gel liner and the fake blood around the open woulds to create the illusion of depth & further dimension!

So that’s it guys, pair this with whatever outfit you like & your good to go! I hope this helped give you some inspiration & proves you don’t need to be a pro SFX artist be create a pretty cool gorey look this Halloween!

Till next time lovelies, Jennie x

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Too Faced – Born This Way Foundation

Hi everyone!
I’m back with another product review & this time it’s the U.S beauty giant Too Faced  & their hugely popular ‘Born This Way’ foundation. Before, I had only ever tried their ‘Melted Matte Lipstick’ which are incredible so  I was eager to get try the foundation (you can never enough right?) Plus, Too Faced are a cruelty-free brand & also have a bunch of 100% vegan products which is amazing. You can find the full list of products here  if your interested.


So this claims to be a medium to full coverage foundation that is “undetectable” on the skin. It’s definitely on the heavier coverage end of the scale & personally, I don’t think anything that full & pigmented could ever be invisible on the skin! So we will agree to disagree on that, but I have fallen in love with this product! For reference,  I have normal skin with a slightly oily t-zone & I didn’t find it to be too slippery. I always powder that area anyway & it lasted all day without fading or clinging to drier skin. I did get slightly shinier as the day went on so if you have very oily skin you may need a mattifying primer for this one! The photo below was taken after it had been on about 6 hours & was holding up amazingly well! It covered any blemishes & didn’t sink into pores – winning!


Too Faced isn’t widely available here but you can order it straight from toofaced.com & they now ship to Ireland! I picked up mine on a recent trip to the UK & now I’m wishing I picked up more of their stuff while I was over there because I’m super impressed with the quality! They  also have recently expanded their shade range so you have more choice when picking up a foundation (woo!)  Below is colour range I had to choose from in the store I picked up mine. I went with ‘warm beige’ & its perfect!


So that’s it guys, I hope this gave you an insight into the brand & if you’re on the fence about trying the foundation , go for it! You won’t be disappointed!

Happy shopping & till next time, Jennie x

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H&M Beauty

Happy Sunday lovelies!
If only the weekend wasn’t so short & sweet 😓  I hope you’re ready for your next beauty fix though! The star of today’s post is high street fashion favourite H&M. But we’re not looking at their clothes, we’re looking at their cosmetics!

nm eyeshadows.jpg

The hugely popular retailer launched ‘H&M Beauty’ last autumn, which includes over 700 pieces from makeup & nail polishes to makeup removers & body lotions. Unfortunately it’s is only available in selected stores & online. My local store doesn’t stock the range, hence the reason it’s taken me so test out the products! It was only on my recent shopping trip to Dublin that a picked up a couple of their eyeshadows & was instantly blown away at the quality of the range.

(Photo: DailyMail.co.uk)

They have it all, primers, foundations, powders, bronzers, lippies – you name it & you’ll find it. I swatched the foundation & for only €9.99, the coverage & colour range was so impressive. Same goes with the pressed bronzers and palettes – such beautiful shades to choose from.  As an eyeshadow addict, I couldn’t resist picking up a few of their ‘Infinite Impact Eye Colour’ shadows, as well as a ‘Fusion Eye Colour’ cream shadow.


As you can see from the swatches, the colours are super pigmented & so creamy & blendable, I honestly can’t rave about them enough! Both the cream and pressed shadows are €5.99 each, so similar to drugstore/pharmacy prices.

Here’s an easy but glam look I created using Turmeric in the crease, Sahara Dawn on the outer lid & Chin Chin on the inner lid! Love this combination!


So that’s it guys, let me know if you’ve have tried anything from the range and what your favourites are! Have a great week & till next time, Jennie x

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​Makeup Hacks – How to get the most out of your eyeshadows!

Hi lovelies! Today I thought I’d bring you something a little different  & share some tips & tricks to help you  get the fullest pigment possible from your eyeshadows!

If you like to splurge on high quality shadows then problems with poor pigmentation shouldn’t be an issue. But if you choose more inexpensive  shadows then you might struggle to get the colour payoff you want. With that said, here’s some tips I like to use all the time to get the most from my shadows 😊
Hack 1 – Primer! We all like to prime our faces for foundation so don’t forget to prime your eyelids for shadow! Not only does a primer help cancel any discolouration on your lids,  but it helps with the longevity of the shower you put on top too. Personally I love Urban Decay’s Primer Potion!

Hack 2 – Brush type matters! If your looking for heavy pigment then a soft fluffy brush is not the tool to use. Instead, use a flat dense brush to really pick up the colour & pack it on. And remember to press, not swipe! Pressing the shadow onto your lids with a brush or your finger works wonders to really get the true colour rather than just swiping back & fourth.

Hack 3 – Moisture is key! Spritzing the brush with water or a setting spray like Mac Fix Plus before you dip into the shadow will really improve the vibrancy. This work especially well with metallics & shimmers!

Hack 4 – Coloured bases! The colour of your base will have an effect on the shadow you put on top. For instance, using a white base  will make any shadow you put in top look brighter. The same goes if you use a dark base, the shadow on top will be much bolder & deeper! I did a quick swatch to demonstrate & see the comparison yourself!

The top swatch is just a basic bronzey/gold shadow on a dark base ( I used Maybelline Colour Tattoo cream eyeshadow in 40-Permanant Taupe) & the bottom swatch is thee exact same shadow over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk. Some difference eh?!
So there you go guys, a few of my favourite tips to make your shadows pop! I hope you found something useful from this & try some for yourself 🙂

Till next time, Jennie x #TheBeautyBingeBlog

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Penneys Beauty Favourites

Happy Friday!! The weekend is upon us again & if you fancy picking up some super affordable beauty bits this weekend from everyone’s favourite, Penneys, then look no further!


Penneys (AKA Primark in the UK) has had everyone rushing out to try their new “P.S Pro” range which includes makeup & nail products. Never one to miss a bargain, I’ve picked up a few pieces and thought I’d give you guys the run down on what I liked and products that left me somewhat unimpressed.


PS PRO Rich Colour Lipstick €3.50 (shade 01 ‘Iconic Nude’)
This creamy nude lippie has to be my favourite of the bunch. The texture is super soft and feels light as if your wearing a lip balm & not a lipstick! Paired with a lip liner, this lasts a very reasonable amount of time despite its creaminess! Loving this shade & it’s definitely an everyday favourite for me that I feel would suit a lot of skin tones. (Swatch below👇)


PS PRO HD Mascara Ultra Volume & Lift €3.50
I can’t believe how great this mascara is, especially for that price tag! It blew me away from my first use with its thin wand that coats every single hair. I did find I had to work a little to make sure my lashes didn’t go spidery but this is a small issue for such a nice mascara.  Jet black & adds lots of length, huge thumbs up from me!


PS PRO Illuminating Primer Prep & Perfect  €5.00
If your a fan of a glowing base then you’ll appreciate this silvery/white toned primer.  The texture of this is light weight & creamy but honestly, in terms of longevity I can’t say this is a favourite.  Although it doesn’t claim to help your foundation last longer or minimise the appearance of pores, I feel any good primer should do these things to an extent. Unfortunately this didn’t achieve either for me. If you have dryer skin & simply want an Illuminating product, I would definitely say to give this a try! But if your like myself & have more oily skin, therefore needing the staying power of a good primer , I’d shop around for another option. (Swatch below 👇)


Tapered Foundation Brush  €3.00
This brush isn’t part of the new Pro range but I thought I would give it a mention as it’s a recent purchase that’s is quick becoming a staple brush in my ever growing collection! With its duo-fiber style bristles, it’s disperses product beautifully. It’s marketed as a “tapered foundation brush” but I’ve been using it for bronzing and blending out contours. I love it for this purpose as the texture of the hairs makes it near impossible to over apply product! Love love love!

So that’s it guys, I hope this post gave you some insight into the range. If you’ve any products that’s you love, then comment below so I can get some ideas on what to pick up on my next visit! Till next time, Jennie x

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Adventures in Wales

Hi guys! Hope everyone’s had a great weekend & ready for the new week ahead!

So I spent a couple of days in Wales last week where I was visiting my lovely friend Celine & thought I’d let you in on what I got up to on my travels and some of the photos I snapped along the way!


This was my first time in beautiful Wales, in the Swansea area where Celine lives. What a cool city it is! In a lot of ways the scenery and countryside reminded me of Ireland but the city was a totally different vibe! We spent the few days I was there eating and drinking to our hearts content and trust me, there is no shortage of amazing places to choose from! Major food baby’s all weekend! I’m still fantasising about the rotisserie chicken from the restaurant Mary Dillwyn and the cocktails from Revolution on Wind St *drools*



When we weren’t too busy over indulging in the bars or shopping on the high street (I’ll post about the goodies I picked up soon!) we visited some stunning places. The seaside  village of Mumbles was a favourite of mine, with its picturesque promenade and pier overlooking the bay. We were very lucky with the weather and the sun shined most of my stay (not the typical welsh climate I imagined!) which made everything more enjoyable!




We managed to squeeze a lot into the few days & another afternoon we had the most relaxing visit to Bracelet Bay where we hiked across the rocks over the cliffs and took in the breath-taking ocean views.



Another day we took pedal boats out on Singleton Lake.. not the most conventional hangover cure but it worked wonders!! Beautiful place, especially if your a fan of swans! They have taken over the area ha!






Another gorgeous spot was the huge marina where we found the most amazing stretch of sandy beach hidden behind the docks.



The nightlife in the city was something else! It was insane every night and Wind St. (pronounced wine st which is very appropriate!) is where all the action is with an endless strip of bars and clubs. As it’s in a university town, there was great deals and offers everywhere you went which was a bonus!


Whether you fancied a beach hut style club (Bambu Beach Bar), a London themed pub with a double decker bus for a bar (Little London) or a cheesy nightclub playing 90’s favourites (Pop World) there was something for everybody!

So without boring you with too much detail, that briefly sums up my crazy weekend and I can’t wait for my next visit! Wales, I’ll see you again soon! Jennie x

In the Nude

Hey lovelies! It’s been longer than normal since my last post, with travel and work I just hadn’t  got a minute! But I’m back on track now and have some posts lined up so I’m not MIA again anytime soon!

By the title, I bet you’ve guessed what I’ll be talking about today.. my favourite nude lip products! I don’t know what it is with nude lipsticks but I just can’t get enough!


So I thought I’d round up the ones I wear on an everyday basis to give you some ideas in case you’re in the market for one (or two or three!) Let’s jump into it!

From left to right:


Urban Decay Revolution lip gloss in “kinky” This is the newest shade I have and I am obsessed! I was introduced to this by a friend & I loved it so much, I went and bought my own the very next day. Insanely pigments and non sticky, this gloss is an instant winner for me.

No7 BB Lips in “ballerina
This is a gloss that’s perfect for using to add instant shine to any lip look. As the name BB lips suggests, it’s super lightweight and comfortable to wear. For me, it’s like a lip balm I love to add over any of my more drying lipsticks to make them more wearable.

Fuschia lip gloss in “super nectar”
I also got this recently and I’m loving the shine this adds with its neutral gold reflects. Beautiful product, but slightly stickier than some glsses out there so maybe bear that in mind if that’s something that really bothers you!

NYX Matte lipstick in “01-Nude” 
Another favourite of mine, with more of a pinky tone than some of the rest. Super matte finish and light feeling on the lips, it’s a very versatile colour that goes with pretty much any maeup look.

PS Pro lipstick in “Iconic nude”
I was so excited to try some of Penneys  (or Primark in the UK new pro range and this shade is beautiful. Side note – I don’t know what it is but this makes your teeth look super white which is always a plus!

Apocalips lip lacquer in “nude eclipse” This is very much beige based, super opaque on the lips and always lasts on me for hours. Love love love!

NYX Lingerie  liquid lipsticks in “05- beauty mark” (above in pic) & “09- corset
The formula of the lingerie range is a perfect in my eyes! Super creamy and buildable without going crumbly like some liquid lipsticks do when you try to layer them. The chocolate brown shade makes for a great statement lip(very Kylie Jenner) and Corset is a lovely grey based nude.

So that’s it guys! What’s your favourite nude? Please let me know in the comments below because I’m always on the look out for new faves! Have a great week & till next time, Jennie x